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Mahipal Singh Ranawat

Mahipal Singh Ranawat

Managing Director

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Welcome to Mewad Speech Therapy

The food, stay and treatment free of charge for Orphaned and destitute people.

Mewad Speech Therapy Centre is a growing Speech Therapy Centre in India managing by well known Speech Therapist Mr. Mahipal Singh Ranawat. According to Mr. Ranawat "Stammering is not a disease, it is a habit in which somebody speaks with break like start and stop". In the entire world, there is no medicine for stammering because this is a bad habit not a disease, Therefore after a long thinking by Mr. Ranawat he started Speech Therapy Centre in Udaipur – City of Lakes.

Mewad Speech Therapy Centre is an all-round speech therapy training Centre providing Stammering Solution, Mis-Articulation treatment, treatment of incurable diseases and Deaf Treatment for children and adults. We are unique in that our services extend beyond those of traditional speech therapy clinics. We will develop an individualized program for speech, language or voice and personalize it to fit the needs of your family. After the grand success of Udaipur Brach we started Speech Therapy Centre in Pali.

Our Visoon is that stammering Free India. We keep in my mind the psychological setup of a case and treat him psychologically and apparently. For us every new case is a challenge and by accepting it we make sure that the problem is completely solved. The number of cases we have solved only justifies the above statement. We have a lot of clients who blackout form Various Speech Therapy in India.


Stammering is a psychological problem ,in which the abnormal flow of speech and repetitions (ti-ti—time), abnormal stoppage (no sound).....


Before we start our therapy program firstly we give totally information about therapy program and after that take a psychological test and identity .....

Child Tips

Speak with your child in an unhurried way, pausing frequently. Await a few second after your child finish speaking before you begin to speak.


  • Bhupendra Singh
    Before joining the mewad speech therapy people said that we can`t understand your language & my stammering is much more. I always thought. That how I will be selected in interview and face to any senior person Because I do not have a normal voice. After it I join the mewad speech ...
  • Devendra Sharma
    I am a student of B.ed college and I am suffering from the strammering troubie. I have low confidence I donnot talk properly to any person.. My friend tell me about mewad speech therapy I join it for 1 month & now I am speak like a normal person. I give seminaar at college without any ....