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Mahipal Singh Ranawat

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What is Stammering ?

Stammering is a psychological problem ,in which the abnormal flow of speech and repetitions (ti-ti—time), abnormal stoppage (no sound), prolongation (ti-ti-ti--time) of sounds.

It may be in the form of mind block, hesitation, sound forced, tense or jerky, elongating more than normal and distracted sound due to unnecessary force.

There may be also be unusual facial and body movements associated with the effort to speak.

Stammering generally involve an excessive amount of effort , force and struggle in the attempt to speak. Most people who stammerer are able to speak fluently some of the time, but on other occasions their speech is blocked.

Stammering is multi-faceted condition which depending on the individual may involve a combination of learned behavior and various neurological, psychological factors.

The stammering increase when saying our name, speaking on the telephone, speaking to an authority figure or speaking to an audience. The reducing your fear of having difficulty by disciplining yourself to face yours. Become less sensitive about your stammering.

  • Analyzing your stammering behaviour
  • Eliminating unnecessary or abhonnal things you may be doing
  • Take positive action to cannot your blocks

What is causes of stammering ?

Researchers belive there are a variety of cause of stammering. The most frequently seen cause of stammering is in young children, who are in the process of developing speech.
  • Effect of certain serious illness, mostly related to lungs such an typhoid and other body illness.
  • Fast speaking habit.
  • Sudden physical or mental shock.
  • Childish imitation of other stammerer either in the family other.
  • Any accidanal case
  • Lack of co.ordination between thinking & speaking.
  • If the teacher is strict & always punishes the child.
  • Seeing some horrifying scenes in real life or in movies.
  • If the child is weak or sickly.
  • High expectation.
  • Fast –paced life style.
  • Genetics (approximately 60% of those who stammer have a family member who does also)
  • Metal retardation.
  • Anxiety.
  • Excitement

Stammering occur more

  • Answering sudden questions
  • Talking to stranger and senior person
  • To speak out your name
  • Under tension and excitement
  • Social gathering
  • It confidence level is very low
  • Ticket counter, enquiry and in interview

Stammering occur less

  • When you are happy and in relaxed mood
  • Talking with friends and family members.
  • In a good phase of time
  • When you are singing a song