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What is Stammering?

Stammering is a psychological problem, in which the abnormal flow of speech and repetitions (Ti-Ti-Time) abnormal stoppage (no sound), prolongation (Ti-ti-ti-time) of sounds.

It may be in the form of Mind block, hesitation, sound forced, tense or Jerky, elongating more than normal and distracted sound due to unnecessary force.

Stammering generally involve an excessive amount of effort, force and struggle in the attempt of speak, most people who stammerer are able to speak frequently sound of the time, but on other occassions their speech is blocked.

Stammering is not a disease, its a bad habit and psychological problem. There is nothing wrong with tongue and throat and other speech organs.

It occur now due to uncontrolled excitement, tension, fear, nervousness, hesitation, incorrect way of breathing, very fast speaking habit, lack of confidence and courage to speak.

What causes of Stammering?

Researches believe there are a variety of causes of stammering, the most frequently seen cause of stammering is in young children who are in the process of developing speech.

  • Effect of certain serious illness, mostly related to lungs such as typhoid and other body illness.
  • Imitation of other stammering person
  • Feeling of insecurity in the early age
  • Very fast speaking habit
  • Fast thought process
  • Lack of coordination between thinking & speaking
  • It the parents and teacher are strict & always punishes the child
  • Physical weakness due to any kind of disease.
  • Accident or mishappening
  • Disturbances and quarrel in the family.