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Mahipal Singh Ranawat

Mahipal Singh Ranawat

Managing Director

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Success Stories

Before joining the mewad speech therapy people said that we can`t understand your language & my stammering is much more. I always thought. That how I will be selected in interview and face to any senior person Because I do not have a normal voice. After it I join the mewad speech therapy and I now I have gain more confidence and I can talk to any person without any problem. thanks sir.
Bhupendra Singh S/o Manveer Singh,
Jadon, 3 year, B. N. College,
Udaipur, Residence City Agra ( U.P.)
I am a student of B.ed college and I am suffering from the strammering troubie. I have low confidence I donnot talk properly to any person.. My friend tell me about mewad speech therapy I join it for 1 month & now I am speak like a normal person. I give seminaar at college without any problem . I cannot forget our sir. Thanks sir.
Devendra Sharma
B.Ed at Mantram B.ed Collage,
Nai, Udaipur Residence City, Bundi (Raj.)
My voice is very low & not clear in case of speaking my I stammerer at manyt word. Now after joining the course my voice is bold and improve my voice. And speak without any problem Our sir is more supportive about it.
Dr. Navin Kumar, M.B.B.S.
R.N.T., Medical College, Udaipur
I troble to speak . I am a bigger stammerer of the stammering world. My life is more painful by causing of stammering. I well never forget my experience of Mewad Speech Therapy.
Divyansh Dantla
Friend Apartment, Bhupalpura, Udaipur
I take speech therapy many palace but no improvement but after joining mewad speech therapy got more confidance and completed recover my problem. Thanks sir.
Alok Ranjan
Govt Eng. College, Bikaner Final year (IT)
Whan I am talking to any person than my problem is increase but after course I am well and I can face to any person without any problem.
Heeralal Kotdi
Rajsamand 12th class (Maths)
Before joining course I have misarticulation problem many words. But after the course my problem recover and I am happy. Thanks Sir.
Arvind Sharma
8th Class Bhakrota, Jaipur
In my college time i feel how my life is going I am more stammering problem than join center and wihin 1 month I recover my problem and I can face to anybody.
Kanaya lal Prajapat
Charaya, Nimbada, Chitorgarh ITI Electricals
Before joining the course I have stammering problem and always think about it now my voice is well and face to any person and my life is going on happy thank sir.
Kailash Megwal
Msc Microbiology, JNU Jaipur, Proper Koliwada Pali
I was not able to speak my name clearly and in each sentence, 3-4 times stammering problem is coming. But after joining the course, I can speak fluently without any hesitation. My life is changed by our ranawat sir.
Ajay Singh Parihar
Hiran Magri Sector 3, Vikas Hospital Road, Udaipur
I have a problem which creates in first sound on each word and I was always take tension about stammering but now I can speak fluently and I am doing work in due soft company.
Narendra Bhati
Nehru Nagar, Shivganj Sirohi (Raj.)
Stammering is very bad problem. I feel guilty in class and with family members after attending the course I gave many presentations in college. My confidence level goes very high. Thanks to mewad speech therapy.
Narendra Singh Rathore
Aagaria, Aamet Rajsamand, New police line, Udaipur
I had misarticulation problem, after attending this course I had improved this problem 100%.
Hitesh Nagda
Tekri, Udaipur, Rajasthan
I am doing work in Pionex Pvt. Ltd. Delhi as a senior designer engineer, but i had stammering problem many problem create in presentation but after Mewad Speech Therapy. I can speek very well without any hesitation. Thank Sir
Ganshyam Dhahkad
Pionex Pvt. Ltd. Delhi