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Narendra Singh Rathore

Police Line, Udaipur

I used to face a lot of problems in speaking due to stammering; and every time U had to go through with shame and derogation. But now after taking course from Mewad Speech Therapy, I am 100% cured. You can see my video also on YouTube.

Saurav Anand

Dwarikapuri Scheme, Hiran Magri, Sec.14, Udaipur

My mother always used to remain in tense due to my stammering problem. But now after taking course from Mewad Speech Therapy, I can speak with full confidence without stammering.

Dr. Naveen Kumar Damore, M.B.B.S.

R.N.T., Medical College, Udaipur

My voice was very low and faint. Moreover, I get stuck in between while trying to speak fast, but now I have hot a lot of relief. It is good environment here to practice.

Dikshi Jain

100 feet Road, Shobhagpura, Udaipur

I could not pronounce the word correctly my friends used to make fun of me. But now my life is changed.

Heeralal Keer


When I used to talk to someone, then used to speak with breaking voice and was very much afraid of speaking. But now I am completely cured, and speak normally.

Ummed Suthar

Andore, Shivganj, Sirohi

When I came here, I was unable to speak even my name properly and often became a laughing stock in college. But now I enjoy speaking.

Dalpat Singh Parmar

M.Sc. Chemistry, Sumerpur, Pali

I always kept thinking about my future; how would I get job etc. and I was very much upset mentally also. But now I do job in Birla Cement Sirohi. Thanks to Mewad Speech Therapy to get me cured.


Stammering can be 100% cured by complete course & practice. If I can cure my stammering then why you can't?

Arvinder Sharma

Bhakrota, Ajmer Road, Jaipur

I used to mispronounce many words earlier, due to that U used to feel shame while talking. But now I am completely cured.

Devendra Sharma (Teacher)

Indira Colony, Nainva Road, Bundi

I was not able to speak even my name, and used to stuteer 3 or4 time in a sentence. But now I can speak fluently with full confidence without stammering.

Kushal Rathi

Kapasan, Chittorgarh

People could not understand my language due to mispronounciation in few words. But now I am full cured. Fees also is very less here.

Gaurav Kumar (Engineer)

Sersena, Ver, Bharatpur

I always kept thinking; why the God has given me this problem. But now I am feeling good and relax after taking speech therapy from here.

Alok Ranjan (B.Tech)

Govt Engg. College, Bikaner (IT)

I already had taken therapy from many places, but there were no befefit of all. But after taking therapy from here, I have got full confidence. One major speciality of this place is patient is discharged after only complete cure.

Tejas Soni (M.C.A.)

Gotri Road, Vadodara, Gujarat

In my state also, number of speech therapy centres are there. But I took therapy from Mewad Speech Therapy Centre as patient. Here is sent only after 100% satisfaction, regardless of the time duration, this is the big major guarantee.

Praveen Kushwah (B.Tech)

Shivpuri Bank Colony (M.P.)

It is a very good environment here for practice moreover. Fees is also very less in comparision of other speech therapy centres. Now I can talk with fulll confidence.

Akshay Singh Rajpoot

Jahanabad, Bihar

I used to face a lot of problems while appearing for the job interview. Then one day I came to know about Mewad Speech Therapy through internet. After that I came here and took complete course. Now am too much happy and doing my own business.

Sudhir Galiyan

Panipat, Hariyana

I am a manager in a alchohal company. I had a problem of fluency disorder. But now I am pretty fine.

Yaksh Kumar

B.Tech, Shradha University, Delhi

I was taking speech therapy in Delhi. But due to high fees and less time, I left it. After that I joined Mewad Speech Therapy Centre because here 6-7 hours practice is done daily. Now I am cured.

Salman Ansari

Malad, Maharashtra

I was very much frustated but now my life is completely changed.

Bhupendra Singh Jadon

Agra, U.P.

People were not able to understand me and I was afraid of talking with strangers. But now I am cured.